Free slot machine games – the brief info

Free slot machine games – the brief info

The essence of the game, on all types of online free slots, is to select a bet and the number of pay lines, by pressing the start button, with regular repetition of pressing and catching winning combinations. We need to say that players especially like to catch free spins bonus games, since credits do not spend, and the multiplication of the winnings can be multiple.

Usual slots consist of:

  1. Playing field of the free slot machine games.
  2. Control panels.
  3. Game guide and keys with additional settings.
  4. The field consists of reels and lines. The intersection of the line and the reel forms a cell of the playing field.

Many slots use paylines – directions that connect cells on reels. Below we will talk about free slots online and video slots.

Online slots

To understand how free pokies online work, you first need to know about their general structure. Each of them has a complex system. It includes different components.

Currently, the most popular are electronic slot machines with a processor. It has a random number generator. Thanks to this, slot machines are so popular in the casinos. Each time the random number generator produces different combinations, so it is impossible to guess the final result.

free slot machine games casino

The casino cannot influence the results of the free slot machine games. The built-in algorithm guarantees complete randomness of all possible combinations.

Despite this, there are recommendations that will help you increase the chances of winning!

  • Choose free slot machine games only with high RTP.
  • Take risks with small and medium winnings by switching to a special game mode for doubling.
  • Use the biggest number of lines in the slots.
  • Be sure to use different strategies while playing free casino games.

With these tips, you can simply cut your own losses and also become the owner of the prize.

Free video slots

Video slots casino games are slot machines presented on online platforms and land-based gambling halls. The main difference between these machines and usual slots is the absence of physical reels with symbols. The operation of video slots is based on computer programs and electronic control mechanisms which help to implement more gaming opportunities:

  • Increase the variety of combinations.
  • Provide a larger number of lines of the free slot machine games.
  • Use new bonus options on slots.
  • use 3D graphics.

Types of video slots:

  • video slots casino games with the different numbers of reels (from 3 to 9).
  • slots with different numbers of paylines. Their number ranges from 1 to 100.

Among other things, slots can differ in bonuses. Some slot machines offer a classic set of additional features, others are expanding the range of options with respins, prize features on the main screen, and progressive jackpots.

Fisticuffs slot game – original and interesting

Fisticuffs video slot is a development of the famous software company for online casinos Net Ent. Slot machine is dedicated to a kind of boxing called Fisticuffs (Fist Boxing), which enjoyed great popularity in England.

This original form of boxing is closely related to the ancient martial arts. The fight is held between two opponents, without the use of boxing gloves or any other similar means. Unlike street fights, Fisticuffs has an accepted set of rules, for example, it is forbidden to hit a lying opponent. Our review of Fisticuffs will introduce you to this original slot machine.


Fisticuffs video slot consists of five reels and 10 continuously active paylines. Among the symbols you will see a gong, boxing gloves, championship belt, stool, cup and others. The graphics in this slot machine is quite high level, all the pictures are well traced, and in addition you will see some animated scenes.

An interesting feature of this video slot is that the prize combination there are both left to right and right to left. To get the winnings you need a minimum of three pictures. If the combination is formed of five characters, it will be paid twice.


Video slot Fisticuffs is a development of well-known software company for online casinos Net Ent.

Fisticuffs slot

In the slot machine there are three wild symbols:

  • Regular Wild – replaces other symbols. On the first and last reel appears in strips of three pictures
  • Straight Wild – fat man in a hat. Just replaces the other pictures, but located only on the middle reel
  • Diagonal Wild – thin fighter. Performs the same function as the previous two symbols, but located on the second and fourth reels.

When boxers appear on adjacent reels, a prize round called Boxing Feature is activated. Events in it can develop in two scenarios, but in either case, the player is awarded one free reel launch.

  • One or two Diagonal Wild symbols are on the same line as the Straight Wild. In this case, the fatty rolls his opponent on the first or last reel, and all the pictures in between become wild symbols.
  • One or two Diagonal Wild symbols are placed diagonally from the Straight Wild. In this variant, the skinny fighter strikes his opponent, and the symbol above or below him becomes the wild. During the prize spin all the wild symbols remain in their places.

Video slot Fisticuffs – quite original and unusual slot machine with good graphics and interesting bonus features. According to Net Ent it has a theoretical return of 96.7%.

Foxin wins slot – the quick foxes never tire of handing out bonuses

Foxin Wins video slot is another fun novelty in the range of online casinos. In this slot machine you will be entertained merry foxes, and a large number of different bonuses will not let you get distracted with the pranks of these funny animals will not get bored. Foxin Wins developer is the company NextGen Gaming, which is already a year supplies a quality and original software for online casinos. A review of Foxin Wins will tell you about the features of this exciting game. Despite the fact that this slot machine has a high quality image, you can play it directly in your browser without wasting time downloading Foxin Wins.


In its technical execution slot Foxin Wins is a standard slot machine with five game reels with three rows of symbols on each. Foxin Wins can play on twenty-five active lines. Foxin Wins video slot includes the following symbols: a luxurious house, Fox, his car, a pack of bills no small denomination and labels senior cards.

Foxin wins slot game

The playing field is set against the background of well-furnished room with a portrait of the protagonist of the slot – Fox in a solid black tuxedo. Judging by the way the fox’s apartment is furnished, foxes have good taste and love comfort. As soon as the game Foxin Wins begins, we see a frisky fox hopping on a chair. He can’t wait to start the game and show you the bonuses he has in store for you!


Let’s take a look at what bonuses Foxin Wins has in store for players. As for scatter symbols, the game Foxin Wins has one such – with the image of a pot of gold. Three scatter symbols can give ten free spins, and during these spins your winnings are doubled, and a cheerful fox often appear to please your success.

The cunning fox knows another way to get coins. This method is a bonus game, which falls at random. In it Fox catches a little leprechaun and literally “shakes out” of him gold coins. Coins and poured out of a leprechaun, and no wonder, because everyone knows that leprechauns keep untold treasures.

Foxin Wins video slot has prepared another bonus feature called “Super Bet”. You can make this extra bet by using a special button to the right of the playing drums. In this bonus game you will be helped to win nimble foxes lurking behind the playing drums. These nimble little guys will help you turn the usual symbols in the wild.


Foxin Wins video slot is sure to please all players who enjoy playing slot machines, not only the great bonus features, but also the opportunity to have fun watching the hilarious characters in the game. At online casinos Foxin Wins is certainly one of the best novelties of recent months.

Online pokies Australia you can play legally right now

Much of the attention of Australian gambling legislators has focused on regulating pokies. But even if you do get to play them, which ones to choose?

The best online pokies Australia

What is the best pokies? Over time, each player finds his favorite among the slot machines. Here are some that are worthy of your attention.

Double triple chance

This slot machine belongs to the true classics among slot machines. There are 5 pay lines on 3 reels, you need to make 3 identical fruits.

Features of Double Triple Chance: The winning symbols appear three times in a row on each reel. This creates the possibility of using the same symbol to fill the entire screen and then making huge profits.
The game with 5 pay lines is fairly straightforward and therefore suitable for beginners.
Tactics with which you can vary the height of the bet are very well taken care of here.

This game shows that you can win real money with a small investment in online pokies Australia: profitable, easy, and simple.

Ghost slider

Ghost Slider is a Merkur slot machine with many additional features and highly detailed animation. Initially, the game looks like a typical slot.

How to play?

The winning combination must be collected using 5 reels and 10 lines. The peculiarity of Ghost Slider is that after the victory, all winning symbols are removed, and 9 new symbols descend from the top, which can lead to new wins. If a player gets from 4 “Slides” and more, then he gets free spins, in this free pokies machine you can get up to 50 free spins.

During one game, many combinations with “Slides” are possible. The slot offers a wide variety of combinations, so experienced players are also happy to play it.


It would seem so simple: to win on 5 lines, 3 identical fruits must be combined from left to right. The peculiarity is that only 2 cherry symbols are enough to get a win.

In addition, Frutinator, like all Merkur slot machines, offers the most popular type of slot, with which you can win good amounts even with a small bet.

Are online pokies legal?

Despite the 2001 Interactive Gambling Act, which forbids Australian online casinos to offer online pokies Australia real money to local residents, in fact, the use of online casino websites to play online pokies Australia remains legal.

However, since this is still not the case from the point of view of the law, it is a criminal offense to play online poker or casino games, but despite this, many Australians freely use popular online casinos, such as:

  • Bet365;
  • Mr Green;
  • Winner Casino.

Online gambling is very much alive in Australia.

The first legal land-based casino in Australia opened in 1973, and since then, poker slot machines have become incredibly attractive to players across the country, even adopting the slang diminutive “pokies” that later spread to other slot machines. The board game itself has also grown in popularity, with several tournaments being held in Australia in recent years, including the first Asia Pacific Poker World Series in 2013.

Online gambling in Australia current state

Australia is regarded as the most lucrative destinations for gambling online. However, the law is very strict and now everybody who is a resident in the country is not allowed to play for real money. The way how online gambling works and the way it used to be us pretty complex. So, perhaps, it worth having a look at the details what is the driving force of the current state of Australian legislation about gambling and why local residents cannot play for real money. It is also crucial to draw a comparison of why it was so easy just a few years ago.

How does legislation about online gambling work in Australia?

Australian gambling market was regulated by the Interactive Gambling Act that was passed in 2001. The act disallowed to advertise and to offer any kind of interactive gambling activities to residents in Australia. Despite this fact, there were lots of soft spots in legislation as it did not cover every aspect of restrictions, so lots of offshore companies freely provided services to everybody in Australia. It was about to come to the end in 2017 when online gambling possibilities for offshore providers, even for those that provided help online, were stopped. The following things have been made:

  1. No offshore based company can offer gambling services for real money to residents in Australia;
  2. Any kind of advertising of gambling is forbidden;
  3. Any offer for real money in gambling is forbidden;
  4. Total ban in-play betting for real money (even for individuals!).

As a result lots of gambling provider companies simply left Australia in 2018. Overall, there were 33 major participants in the world’s gambling market, including Poker Stars, 888, and lots of others. Penalties imposed by ACMA on players violating the law counted up to AUD 1.35 million and up to AUD 6.75 million for a company. Online gambling in Australia for real money does not exist any longer for Australian residents. People can play only for free, however, it is fine for anyone from outside of the country to play on Australian gambling resources for real money.

The best and most trusted Australian casinos

Despite this, Australia is regarded as one of the best gambling places in the world to play for real cash. Local casinos use any device to attract people from other parts of the world by introducing outstanding terms and conditions. Its legislation, security, and trustworthiness stand second to none and this is why this is beloved by so many players from other countries. Here is the list of the best casinos:

  • Ignition casino;
  • Woo casino;
  • Play Amo casino;
  • Bit Starz;
  • Golden pokies;
  • Fair and go;
  • True blue;
  • Raging bull;

Online gambling for anyone who stays in Australia can be provided only for free because alternatively, a penalty may be imposed even on an individual. Playing a game that involves a chance or half a chance for real money in Australian casinos are forbidden.

How to win pokies in Australia

The question about how to win pokies can be asked by an Aussie only, and he is asking about the slots that are incredibly popular at the casino. They are all different in appearance and in addition, certain slots have winning odds that are much higher than the rest. On this page, you will find all the necessary information about how to win at pokies. If you follow our advice you are much more likely to walk away with a nice profit, which is of course what everyone is looking for when it comes to online gambling.

How to win pokies — Payout percentages for slots

The odds of winning are usually a percentage is usually shown as an RTP, or return to player and with that you can game pays out on average. For example, if a slot machine has an RTP of 90%, it will pay out 90 cents for every AUD placed in bets. Just keep in mind that such a theoretical payout percentage is calculated over some 5 million bets, so your personal playing experience may look very different. In any case, the RTP largely determines the slots odds, which means that as an online gambler you should look for the games where this percentage is the highest.

AU Slots with the highest RTP

After some research, experts found how to win pokies Australia games almost every time — here, the best way to win is hidden somewhere inside. It much depends on the theoretical payout percentage that is many times higher than the competition. The top three starts with have become:

  • Blood Suckers;
  • Jackpot 6000;
  • Mega Joker.